Piccalilys Night Nanny Services

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The Services Piccalilys offers:

•Night Nanny support for parents with newborns and young babies. The night feeds and settling are fully taken over to enable mum and dad to catch up on some much needed sleep. Especially for those babies with stomach related issues who can be awake and unsettled quite frequently. Twin experience also.

•Fully differentiated and bespoke advice and suggestions for day/night/24hr routines to suit your baby, family and lifestyle. To encourage good sleeping and feeding habits early on. For babies from 3 months+.

•Advice on empathetic sleep training methods to encourage your baby or toddler to sleep well during the day and at night, with the skill of self settling taught, recommended from 6 months+.

•Support in the actual implementation of chosen sleep training methods to help enourage your baby or toddler to sleep well at night and learn to self settle, recommended from 6 months+.

Please see the 'Testimonials' page for some evidence on how my services have helped some recent families....